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Gardens by Style
Photos of gardens or borders with a particular style.

Alpine Gardens
Bedding Plants
Perennials & Shrubs
Conifer and Heather
Mixed Shrub Border

Spring Bulbs

Low Maintenance

Mediterranean Style
Perpetual Flowers
Shrub Border

Herbacious Border

NOTE: A fuller set of higher resolution photos of the gardens featured on this page are available on CD.
Treat yourself to a copy of Ideas Genie, and enquire about the SWAP CD, “Gardens in Ireland”

Each of the links below will take you to a set of photos. A new window will appear (to show the photo set), and this page will remain open.
To return to this page, close the new window when you have finished viewing the selected photo set, or reselect this page from the task bar at the bottom of your screen

Gardens below are available on the “Gardens of Ireland” SWAP Library CD, powered by Ideas Genie. Treat yourself to a copy! Higher resolution photos, plant names and plants “lassoed” in garden photos. Point at a plant, it’s name appears!

Alpine Gardens
Harold McBride Lisburn, N Ireland.
Harold is a prominent member of The Alpine Garden Society and the name of every plant in the garden is memorised. Quite a feat! He is also a popular Garden Lecturer at RHS meetings, and other venues as far away as Prague. His garden has been featured on Televison.

Borders using Bedding Plants
Desmond & Isabel Laffin - Dromore, N Ireland.

Perennials & Small Shrubs
Knox Gass - A National Trust Garden, Belfast, N Ireland - May 2001
Neville & Adrienne Graham- April 2001 Dromore, N Ireland. My first photo shoot of this neat garden
and see how this garden developed in 2 years:
Neville & Adrienne Graham - Dromore, N Ireland - May 2003 

Conifer & Heather
Gwen Williamson - Dromore, N Ireland
Photo Set 1   The garden in 1994
Photo Set 2   The garden on 22nd March’ 01
Photo Set 3   The garden in April 2001 (VERY old photos but VERY interesting plants and garden)

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My own garden.
Photos of my small rockery in two stages of bloom in 2001. Two photos in May, six in June.

Rose Gardens
Robin Jameson (Northern Ireland Rose Society Members Gardens Project)
Roy Moore - (Northern Ireland Rose Society Members Gardens Project)
113 photos taken in June 06 (This Project has 6 pages)
Zebra Park - Lees Rose Garden in New Mexico

Shrub Borders
Dan McCormicks garden in Hillsboro, N Ireland - Photos taken in May 2001
Mrs Stanfields garden in Hillsboro, N Ireland
Wm Gribben Dromore, N Ireland (as pictured in thumbnail).

Spring Bulbs
Malcolm and Eva Patterson- 2001 Dromore, N Ireland. Snowdrops and Crocus in 2001
Malcolm and Eva Patterson- 2004 Dromore, N Ireland. Another photoshoot in February 2004

Low Maintenance
Name Witheld - Lisburn N Ireland (I really like the design of this garden)

Mediterranean Style
Mark Carlisle - Hilsborough, N Ireland (Published 8th Dec 03)

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Perpetual Flowers -
The late Mrs McCandless’s garden in Dromore, N Ireland
View the Garden Photos
Read about Mrs McCandless’s garden.

Herbacious Borders
Knox Gass - A National Trust Garden, Belfast, N Ireland - Photos taken in July 2002

Gardens by Style - Top of Page

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