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Ideas Genie - Help Files and Tutorials - Language Translations


The Ideas Genie - Software for Plant Lovers has an integrated Help system and unique Tutorials.

Help is accessed in the Ideas Genie by using the mouse to drag and drop a Help Icon around the screen. The icon changes to a red Bullseye when the mouse is positioned over controls and fields which we feel need explanation. Releasing the mouse over the control opens a Help window with text relevant to the field.

Our Tutorials are something special and will guide you through things like adding a plant to the database, creating Garden definitions (garden divisions, areas etc,) linking a photo to a garden area etc etc..
They are selected and run as follows:-
Select and run the tutorials selection program (from the menu)
A complete listing of the Ideas Genie Programs appear. Click throught the program list and read the description and features of each program. Select a Program. Tutorials relevant to the selected programs are displayed in a list. Click on any tutorial. Read the notes about the tutorial.
Select a tutorial to run. The tutorial program ends, leaving the selected tutorial  “primed” On exit you have the option of printing the tutorial
Now run the program relevant to the tutorial e.g. for adding a plant to the database. A tutorial icon is made visible on the initial screen when the program starts. Clicking on the icon displays the first instruction step. Keep clicking the Tutorial icons and follow the instruction steps until the tutorial is completed.
Special features are:-
Each tutorial achieves ONE objective and is therefore strictly focused and SIMPLE.
The Ideas Genie will know if you get lost (e.g. if the screen you are viewing does match the next instruction step)
You can view previous steps and next steps at any time during the tutorial.
You will be able to identify what screen comes next in the tutorial.
When the program is ended the tutorial is “un-primed”.
When you start the program up again (unprimed) the tutorial icons are NOT visible.
Other tutorials for the same program use the same on screen Tutorial Icons. The instruction set changes to suit the primed tutorial.

Now! If you managed to wade through that AND your native language is NOT English AND you are interested in translating the Ideas Genie Help Text and Tutorial instructions described above, we would love to hear from you.

Send us an email with your Name and address and stating your native Language. Remember, we want you to translate the above into YOUR language. 

Email address:


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